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Pure Green Coatings, LLC (PGC) Special Purpose Entity Solar-Bundled Guaranteed Energy Performance Company

"Connect back to Nature."

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Pure Green Coatings (PGC) renewable energy services and comprehensive energy performance assessment process will help you improve indoor comfort, maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy bills. With more than 100 years' combined experience, we continue to be new and emerging Cleantech industry leaders in knowledge, professionalism and service. PGC utilization of alternative funding vehicles allows Energy Manager, Facilities Manager or the Technical Team to accomplish energy savings projects without up-front capital costs. 
PGC provides an investment grade audit of your current energy performance with solar-bundled Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to guarantee energy performance using building science for lifestyles of the healthy and sustainable so they can Save Energy, Save Money & Save the Environment unlike energy auditors, retrofitter, weatherization and remodeler we focus on the site-specific Measurement and Verification (M&V) plan to guarantee solar-bundled ECMs performance with reductions in your utility bills and making you comfortable and healthy in your indoor spaces.
In most Pure Green Coatings solar-bundled ESPC projects, the savings produced by the project are sufficient to repay the capital cost of the project over the term of the ESPC contract, which is typically 3, 7 to 9 years. In almost all PGC projects implemented we actually guarantee the savings to the customer.
The graphic above depicts the contractual arrangement in a typical ESPC project where a third-party financier provides project capital and is repaid by the client, with PGC guaranteeing that the project savings will be sufficient to repay the project capital costs.