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Pure Green Coatings, LLC (PGC) Special Purpose Entity Solar-Bundled Guaranteed Energy Performance Company

"Connect back to Nature."

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Vision ~

A world re-engaged; living, working and playing in harmony with nature.

Mission ~

Elevate the way individuals experience life by creating healthy sustainable communities through education, training and service.
Core Values ~

DARE Model | Whole Person | Integrity | 5 Dynamics | Holacracy | MIT Leadership Framework | Moral Vision | Strategic and Tactical Thinking | Environmental Stewardship | Sustainable Design
Goal ~

Our goal is to meet the health and safety needs of residential, commercial, governments and non-profits by implementing Cleantech goods and services that protect the Earth and mankind.

Objectives ~

• Maintain a world-class conscience research and development program aimed to assist our clients in realizing the full potential of new and emerging Green goods and services.

• Develop educational resources, a skilled workforce and a supporting infrastructure armed with the proper tools to advance holistic environmentally sustainable Cleantech initiatives by pursuing a broad range of applied research, development, demonstration and deployment (RDD&D) initiatives.

• Facilitate the transfer of new and emerging Green goods and services into solutions for economic growth, jobs and other public benefit.

• Improve public health and safety by applying efficient new and emerging Cleantech in the home, workplace and community.
Company History
Clients include: home owners, food processors/manufacturers, learning institutions, healthcare, religious institutions, non-profits, governments, commercial and residential builders both Domestic and International.

The Pure Green team combines managerial excellence with Environmental expertise. The Green Environmental experience of the core staff alone comprise of more than 100 years in the field of Cleantech. Our team is recognized as our most important resource and they are valued for their tremendous ability and professionalism.
"Going Green?" then "Go Pure Green!"

PGC recognizes the benefits of implementing Greenmanagement systems that support, promote, and accelerate innovation through high-risk, high-reward research in areas critical to the survival of mankind.

commitment to new and emerging Cleantech training is a continuous process in improving skills, products and methods to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for the residential, commercial, governmental, industrial, hospitality and institutional sectors. Our expertise assures customers that we “Supply and Apply” only proven CleantechSolutions to prevent disease and injury.