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Pure Green Coatings, LLC (PGC) Special Purpose Entity Solar-Bundled Guaranteed Energy Performance Company

"Connect back to Nature."

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Wondering where all those Green jobs are? We have located them, but don't look for the government to provide something for your family. Our training programs are targeted on what is presently going on in the market. In fact, you will find that our courses do more than educate you about the subject. We show you how to get started and how to turn a good idea into a great business.

This is a Green education project.

All of our courses are offered online. You don't need to travel to attend, and they are available for you when you are ready. Our eLearning platform provides an excellent combination of text and video so that the learning process is as close to real life as possible. In addition, online training allows us to keep our prices down to their lowest levels.

We invite our training programs to partner with us.

Our material is unique and ready to use with corporate-wide training as well as workforce, training center, and vocational program. We can even design a course for your needs and make it available on our eLearning system in record time. Call for details.


We are particularly proud of our Sustainable Studies which allows everyone to share the vision and information that developed motivated employees and informed management. This training will provide a trained Certified Sustainability officer for your company who will develop the sustainability plan in conjunction with management and workers. Everyone will be on the same page and motivated to make the plan work. In the end, the company will discover a "Lean and Green" operation that easily integrated into every level of the company operation. Best of all, no expensive outside consultant firm is required, employees are more engaged, and the business steps into a Greener operation at its own speed. Discover How...