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Pure Green Coatings, LLC (PGC) Special Purpose Entity Solar-Bundled Guaranteed Energy Performance Company

"Connect back to Nature."

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North American Power Independant Representative
Thanks to the energy choice program created in your city, state and federal government, you can now choose where you purchase your electricity supply. Your utility will continue to deliver the electricity, read your meter and handle all billing and maintenance but now you could be paying less for the supply portion of your bill. It's the electricity you've always relied on at rates you have always wanted. Learn more >>>>>


It's your choice. One simple change and you will be supporting a safer, cleaner and energy independent America. Plus you could save money and begin earning your own income by sharing the Power of Change message. Learn more >>>>>>


Your local utility company does a great job for local businesses. They're our utilities and they've been responsible for the power we've relied on since, well, forever. But maybe you feel like you're stuck when it comes to price. After all, they're the only game in town.

As Americans, we use more energy than any other nation. Most of this energy comes from non-renewable resources like oil and coal. These resources contribute to our dependency on unstable foreign energy sources and have negative impacts on the health and safety of our fellow Americans.

Renewable Energy Credits

Wind is America's natural resource. It's a safe and clean renewable energy source that's made in the USA. Using the power of wind means a better life for Americans. Invest in America's future, support American Wind today.

American Wind Certificates are a direct means to invest in clean, home grown energy. For a modest monthly fee, you can invest in U.S. wind generation facilities while creating income opportunities for yourself and other entrepreneurs. Plus, you'll get this cool tee shirt.







Green Energy

That's the beauty of deregulation. It allows you to choose a company like North American Power and receive a lower supply rate while still receiving the service you've always trusted from your local utility.

Start saving today.
It's fast, easy and hassle free.

No Start Up Cost - There is no upfront cost in choosing North American Power's rate and you can leave our service at any time without penalty.


Smart Move - Millions of businesses and residents are already benefitting from deregulated energy rates. It's time to act.


Same Reliability - Your utlity if within one of our service marketswill still be there just as they have always been to take care of service, billing and emergencies.


Lightning Quick - Saving with North American Power is fast and easy. Just click or call us, and you're on your way in a flash.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service you can switch back to your utility or another supplier with no penalty or cancellation fee. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.